HQ2008 - Program

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Monday, August 18th

Morning Session: Heavy Flavor Production

08:30 Welcome
08:45 Kirill Tuchin (Iowa State and RBRC):
Review of Saturation Pysics and Heavy Quark Production at High Parton Densities [pdf] [Photo ] [Photo ]
09:20 Stephen Baumgart (Yale):
Recent Charm Measurements through Hadronic decay Channels with STAR at RHIC [ppt][Photo ]
09:40 Sebastien Gadrat (LPSC Graanoble):
Consequences of Lambdac/D enhancement on the non-photonic electron nuclear modification factor [ppt] [Photo ]
10:00 coffee break
10:30 Manceau Loic (LPC CNRS IN2P3):
Meassurement of B-hadron production cros section from single muons with ALICE [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ]
10:50 Cyrille Marquet (Columbia University):
Heavy quark energy-loss in a finite-extended strongly coupled SYM plasma [ppt] [Photo ]
11:10 Philip D. Allfrey (University of Auckland):
Heavy Flavor Measurements with CMS [pdf [Photo ] [Photo ]
11:30 Sergey Butsyk (LANL):
The Forward Vertex Upgrade detector for PHENIX[ppt [Photo ] [Photo ]
11:50 discussion forum
13:00 lunch

Afternoon: Hydrodynamics, Transport Theory, Coeefficients

17:00 Bin Zhang (Arkansas State University):
Review of Partonic Transport Calculations [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ]
17:35 Huichao Song (The Ohio State University):
Viscous hydrodynamics for relativistic heavy-ion collisions [pdf] [Photo ] [Photo ]
17:55 Hannah Petersen (Franfurt University):
First Results from an Integrates Boltzmann + Hydrodynamics Hybrid Approach [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ]
18:15 coffee break
18:30 Daniel Fernandez-Fraile (University Complutense of Madrid):
Chiral Perturbation Theory in Heavy-Ion Collisions: transport coefficients and resonances [pdf] [Photo ] [Photo ]
18:50 Christopher A. Rosen (University of Colorado):
Unraveling AdS/CFT: what string theory tells us about the Quark-Gluon-Plasma [pdf] [Photo ] [Photo ] [Photo ]
19:10 Nasser Demir (Duke University):
Shear viscosity of hadronic matter from microscopic transport models [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ]
19:30 discussion forum
20:15 dinner

Tuesday, August 19th

Morning Session: QCD Matter

08:30 Masakiyo Kitazawa (Osaka University):
Review of Lattice QCD [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ] [Photo ]
09:05 Yoshimasa Hidaka (RBRC):
Transport Coefficients in semi-QGP [pdf] [Photo ] [Photo ] [Photo ]
09:25 Hirotsugu Fujii (Tokyo University):
Dynamic aspects of the QCD critical point [pdf] [Photo ] [Photo ]
09:45 coffee break
10:15 Eugenio Megias (Brookhaven National Laboratory):
Implications of the dimension two gluon condensate on the deconfined phase of QCD [pdf] [Photo ] [Photo ]
10:35 Jingyi Chao (North Carolina State University):
Color Superconductivity in Dense Quark Matter [pdf][Photo ] [Photo ]
10:55 Shu Lin (Stonybrook University):
Gravity Dual of QGP Formation and Thermalization [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ]
11:15 discussion forum
12:30 lunch

Afternoon: Photons and Leptons

17:20 Ben-Wei Zhang (Los Alamos National Laboratory):
Reaction operator approach to medium-induced photon bremsstrahlung [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ]
17:40 Bjoern Baeuchle (Frankfurt University):
Direct Photons in Heavy-Ion Collisions from Microscopic Transport Theory and Fluid Dynamics [pdf] [Photo ] [Photo ]
18:00 coffee break
18:30 Malgorzata Sudol (INPO, Orsay):
Dilepton Production in Elementary and HI Collisions with HADES [pdf] [Photo ][Photo ]
18:50 Gergely G. Barnafoldi (Kent State University):
Isospin Effects in Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions [pdf] [Photo ] [Photo ]
19:10 discussion forum
20:00 dinner

Wednesday, August 20th

Morning Session: Quarkonia

08:30 Peter Petreczky (Brookhaven National Laboratory):
Review on Quarkonium Suppression [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ] [Photo ]
09:05 Debasish Das (UC Davis):
Upsilon production in STAR [ppt][Photo ] [Photo ]
09:25 Loren A. Linden-Levy (University of Colorado):
How well do we really understand cold nuclear matter? [pdf] [Photo ] [Photo ]
09:45 coffee break
10:15 Andry M. Rakotozafindrabe (CEA Saclay, IRFU/SPhN):
J/Psi production: intrinsic vs. extrinsic transverse momentum and its influence on shadowing effects [pdf] [Photo ]
10:35 Matthew Wysocki (University of Colorado):
J/Psi Measurements in A+A Collisions at PHENIX [pptx] [Photo ] [Photo ]
10:55 Clint F. Young (Stonybrook University):
Charmonium in strongly-coupled Quark-Gluon-Plasma [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ]
11:15 Xingbo Zhao (Texas A and M University):
Transverse momentum of J/Psi in heavy-ion collisions [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ]
11:35 discussion forum
12:30 lunch

Afternoon Session: Jets

17:00 Sevil Salur (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory):
Review on Jet Identification [pdf] [Photo ][Photo ] [Photo ]
17:35 Andrew Adare (University of Colorado)
High pT jet correlations as probe of the QGP [pdf] [Photo ] [Photo ]
17:55 Elena Bruna (Yale University):
Study of jet fragmentation in p+p collisions at 200 GeV in STAR [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ]
18:15 coffee break
18:30 Ivan Vitev (LANL):
Tomography of Jets [pdf] [Photo ] [Photo ] [Photo ]
18:50 Sarah Porteboeuf (SUBATECH Nantes):
Generation of complete events containing very high pT jets [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ] [Photo ]
19:10 Paloma Quiroga (University of Santiago de Compostela):
Medium modification of multiplicity distributions in MLLA [pdf] [Photo ] [Photo ]
19:30 discussion forum
20:00 dinner

Thursday, August 21st

Morning Session: Free/Excursion

Afternoon Session: Collective Flow

17:00 Arkadij Taranenko (Stonybrook University):
PHENIX measurements of particle species dependent flow correlations at RHIC [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ]
17:20 Pradip K. Sahu (IOP Bhubaneshwar):
Proton flow in Pb+Pb collisions at 40 AGeV [pdf] [Photo ] [Photo ]
17:40 Navneet K. Pruthi (Panjab University, Chandigarh):
Elliptic flow of jet triggered events in heavy-ion collisions at RHIC [pdf] [Photo ] [Photo ]
18:00 coffee break
18:30 Hiroshi Masui (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory):
Centrality dependence of unidentified charged hadron v2 [ppt] [Photo ]
18:50 David T. Kettler (University of Washington, Seattle):
Universal centrality and collision energy trends for v2 measurement from two-dimensional angular correlations [pdf] [Photo ] [Photo ]
19:10 discussion forum
20:00 dinner

Friday, August 22nd

Morning Session: High pT

08:50 Essam Elhalhuli (University of Birmingham):
High-pT azimuthal di-hadron correlations with identified associated hadrons [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ] [Photo ]
09:10 Ahmed M Hamed (Texas A and M University):
Gamma-Hadron Correlations in STAR [pptx] [Photo ] [Photo ] [Photo ] [Photo ]
09:30 Christina Markert (The University of Texas at Austin):
Resonance production from jet fragmentation [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ]
09:50 coffee break
10:20 Rainer J. Fries (Texas A andM University):
Strangeness and other flavors as a QGP probe: a new twist on an old story [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ] [Photo ]
10:40 Yichun Xu (USTC/BNL):
Identified hadron production at high pT in p+p and Au+Au collisions [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ]
11:00 Nathan Grau (Columbia University):
Revealing the Details of QCD Energy Loss with Jets: Prospects of ATLAS Heavy-Ion Jet Measurements [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ]
11:20 Lamia Benahabib (SUBATECH, Nantes):
pi0 measurement with the ALICE photon spectrometer in first p+p collisions at the LHC [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ]
11:40 discussion forum
12:30 lunch

Afternoon: Future Facilities and Heavy Flavor II

17:00 Matthew Lamont (BNL):
Review of Electron-Ion Collider Physics [pdf] [Photo ] [Photo ]
17:30 Ondrej Chvala (UC Riverside):
Nose-Cone Calorimeter Upgrade for PHENIX [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ] [Photo ]
17:50 Laura Stiles (University of Colorado) :
The CMS Zero-Degree-Calorimeter [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ]
18:10 coffee break
18:30 Jan Kapitan (Nuclear Physics Institute ASCR, Praha):
Open Charm Measurement with the HFT at STAR [pdf][Photo ] [Photo ] [Photo ]
18:50 Anders G. Knospe (Yale University):
Non-photonic electron production in Cu+Cu and Au+Au collisions at sqrt(s_NN)=200GeV [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ]
19:10 Serhiy Senyukov (Universita and INFN de Torino):
Measurement of Ds mesons via the Ds -> KKpi channel in ALICE [pptx] [Photo ] [Photo ] [Photo ]
19:30 discussion forum
20:00 dinner

Saturday, August 23rd

Morning Session: Bulk Matter and Strange

09:15 Boris Hippolyte (Universite Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg):
Review on bulk matter physics and its future at the LHC [pdf][ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ] [Photo ]
09:50 Ronald J Belmont III (Vanderbilt University):
Deuteron and anti-deuteron measurements in sqrt(s_NN)=200~GeV Au+Au collisions [ppt][Photo ] [Photo ]
10:10 coffee break
10:40 Anthony R. Timmins (Wayne State University):
Strange particle production at RHIC [ ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ]
11:00 Jaakko Manninen (Universita di Firenze and INFN Sezione di Firenze):
Hadron production in heavy-ion collisions [pdf][Photo ] [Photo ]
11:20 Lorenzo Ferroni (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory):
Hadron gas and QGP [pdf][Photo ]
11:40 discussion forum
12:30 lunch

Afternoon: Medium Response: Ridge and Mach Cone

17:00 Jiangyong Jia (Stonybrook University):
Review on 2- and 3-particle correlations at RHIC [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ] [Photo ]
17:35 Marek Szuba (Warsaw Insitute of Technology ):
Angular Correlations of Hihg pT Charged Hadrons at the CERN SPS [pdf] [Photo ] [Photo ]
17:55 Christine Nattrass (Yale University):
System size and energy dependence of high-pT triggered correlations in STAR [pdf] [Photo ] [Photo ]
18:15 coffee break
18:30 Betty Abelev (University of Illinois at Chicago):
The Ridge in multi-strange Delta(eta)-Delta(phi) correlations in Au+Au collisions at sqrt(s_NN)=$200GeV [ppt]
18:50 Richard Neufeld (Duke University):
Fast partons as a Source of Energy and Momentum in a Perturbative QGP [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ]
19:10 George S. Moschelli (Wayne State University):
Viscous Hydrodynamic Description of Untriggered Two Particle Correlations in Nuclear Collisions [ppt] [Photo ] [Photo ] [Photo ]
19:30 discussion forum
20:00  dinner and Klaus Kinder-Geiger Award ceremony