Abstract: Gravity dual of formation and thermalization of QGP

AdS/CFT correspondence is a powerful tool to study strongly coupled gauge theory. Extensive applications have been made to study the quark gluon plasma produced in heavy ion collision, including jet quenching, heavy quark diffusion and hydrodynamical mode. However most of them treat the plasma as static medium which amounts to gauge theory at finite temperature. In order to shed light on the dynamical properties of the plasma. One is particularly interested in its formation and thermalization in heavy ion collision. A gravity dual for RHIC is proposed in [1]. The particles productions in the collisions are identified as debris creation in gravity. The debris include open/closed string et al. We studied in [2] the falling of different debris in AdS space and propose to approximate the debris by a membrane at later time, which corresponds to the formation of plasma. The backreaction of these debris to the AdS gravity are studied in [3] by solving linearized Einstein equation. ! Analytical expression of the stress tensnor induced by different debris are obtained. We defined a freezeout surface according to the stress tensor induced by a separating quark-antiquark pair. To study the thermalization of plasma, we go beyond the linear approximation. A simple gravitational collapsing model is used to study the thermalization of plasma[4]. The gravity background is composed of thermal AdS part and empty AdS part, separated by a homogeneous membrane moving towards the AdS part. This geometry corresponds to the evolution of a homogeneous plasma to thermal state. The trajectory of the membrane naturally divide the evolution into three stage: slow moving initial stage, rapid falling middle stage and near horizon freezing final stage. We characterize the plasma at the three stages, by computing the quasinormal mode of the collapsing gravity background. Reference: [1]Edward Shuryak, Sang-Jin Sin, Ismail Zahed. A Gravity dual of RHIC collisions. hep-th/0511199 [2]Shu Lin, Edward Shuryak. Toward the AdS/CFT gravity dual for High Energy Collisions: I.Falling into the AdS. hep-ph/0610168 [3]Shu Lin, Edward Shuryak. Toward the AdS/CFT gravity dual for high energy collisions. II. The Stress tensor on the boundary. arXiv:0711.0736 [hep-th] [4]Shu Lin, Edward Shuryak. in progress