Abstract: Nose-Cone Calorimeter - substantial upgrade of PHENIX experiment

The Nose-Cone Calorimeter (NCC) is a proposed detector to upgrade PHENIX experiment at RHIC at BNL. This detector will greatly extend PHENIX ability to precisely determine physics observables which are not measurable with current detector setup, or available only indirectly with limited accuracy. These physics topics include measurement of suggested sQGP opacity using $gamma$-jet correlations, temperature of the possible deconfined medium by heavy quarkonia suppression in A+A interactions; investigation of nuclear structure functions at low $x$ via direct photon, jet, single and dihadron measurements in d+Au collisions; study of spin structure of nucleon by measuring these channels in polarized p+p interactions. The NCC is a W-Si sampling calorimeter. It will expand PHENIX acceptance from the current range of $etapm0.35$ adding the region of $1 < eta < 3$. The talk will cover several physics topics available by the NCC and details of the detector design and its performance.