Abstract: The Ridge in Multi-strange $Deltaeta-Deltaphi$ Correlations in Au+Au Collisions at =200$ GeV

Measurements by the STAR experiment show a strong same-side peak in azimuthal correlations triggered by multi-strange baryons in the most central Au+Au collisions at top RHIC energies. The theoretical explanation following this measurement proposed a peak created by a ``phantom-jet," i.e., by recombination of soft partons created by the medium, and not by fragmentation. This explanation can be tested by extending the measurement into $Deltaeta$ space, as well as looking at the two-dimensional correlation functions in non-central collisions at the same energy. We present the $Deltaeta-Deltaphi$ measurement for $Xi$ and $Omega$ baryon triggered correlations in central and minimum bias Au+Au collisions recorded by STAR. These new measurements will help shed light on one of the puzzles at RHIC: that of the origin of the elongation in $Deltaeta$ associated with the same-side peak at mid-p$_T$, the so-called ``ridge," seen in charged and singly-strange-triggered correl! ations.