Abstract: "Tomography of Jets"

"For jets, with great power come great opportunities. The unprecedented center of mass energies available at the LHC open new windows on the QGP: we demonstrate that jet shape and jet topology measurements become feasible as a new, differential and accurate test of the underlying QCD theory. We present a first step in understanding these shapes in nuclear collisions at the LHC. The QCD splitting kernels, Sudakov resummation and non-perturbative effects, calibrated with comparison to Tevatron data, determine jet structure in the vacuum. Quantum coherence effects, such as the LPM (Landau-Pomeranchuk-Migdal) here calculated using the GLV (Gyulassy-Levai-Vitev) approach to radiative energy loss, map the 2D landscape in angle, r, and particle momentum, pT, of the medium-modified energy distribution in the jet on the QGP properties. We present our predictions not for jet tomography but for tomography of jets, examine useful experimentally accessible observables and discuss the effect of the inclusion of other energy loss mechanisms. Our approach allows for detailed simulations of the experimental acceptance/cuts that help isolate jets in the high-multiplicity environment of heavy ion reactions with the goal of guiding this breakthrough measurement at the LHC."