Abstract: Revealing the Details of QCD Energy Loss With Jets: Prospects of ATLAS Heavy Ion Jet Measurements

We, as young scientists, are on the brink of the last energy frontier in heavy ion collisions probably in our lifetime. As soon as 2009 the Large Hadron Collider will provide Pb+Pb collisions at = 5.5 TeV, an impressive factor of 30 above top RHIC energies. Such an increase in the center-of-mass energy results in a substantial increase in hard processes: jets, direct photons, etc. Measurements of these hard processes reveal strong medium modifications in heavy ion collisions at RHIC. However, even with the cornucopia of data ranging from single particle measurements to multiple, high-$p_T$ particle correlations, many details of the energy loss mechanism are currently not well understood. Utilizing the large acceptance of the ATLAS detector with its unique calorimeter design, direct ($>$ 50 GeV) jet and photon measurements in the heavy ion environment is possible. In this talk we outline the possibilities of measuring the details of energy loss o! f hard probes in dense, hot QCD matter using reconstructed jet and photon-jet measurements with the ATLAS detector at the LHC.