Abstract: "Measurement of Ds mesons via the Ds->KKPi channel in the ALICE experiment"

Heavy quarks, such as charm, are produced in hard scatterings in the early stages of high energy nucleus-nucleus collisions and are expected to be a powerful tool to investigate the properties of QGP matter. The barrel tracking detectors of the ALICE apparatus will measure the momentum of the charged particles in the central rapidity range down to low Pt and will provide hadron and electron identification and an accurate measurement of the primary and secondary vertex positions and of the tracks impact parameters. The possibility of reconstruction of Ds meson from the products of the Ds->KKPi decay in the central barrel was studied. The problem considered is characterized by the comparatively low yield of the Ds mesons against huge amount of combinatorial background. Different kinematic and topological cuts have been considered in order to increase the signal-to-background ratio. In addition, Ds mesons always decay through resonance channels and this fact can improve separation of signal from background. Results of cut parameters tuning and expected values of significance for an analysis performed on simulated data are presented.