Abstract: Deuteron and Anti-deuteron measurements in = 200 GeV Au+Au Collisions R. Belmont for the PHENIX Collaboration

Light nuclei, such as deuterons, are formed in the post-hadronization phases of heavy ion collisions. As such, there is much interest in these particles as they carry information on source dynamics and final state effects. Additionally, they serve as a means of indirect measurements of neutrons, owing to the fact that they are formed from both protons and neutrons. In Run7 of RHIC operations PHENIX has recorded over 5.4 billion minimum bias events, facilitating a detailed study of deuteron and anti-deuteron production as a function of centrality and up to $p_T$ = 5.5 GeV/c. We extract $dN/dy$, $langle p_T rangle$, source parameters, and nuclear modification factors. Deuteron and anti-deuteron spectra are compared to those of other identified particles and to hydrodynamical predictions. The production mechanism of nucleon coalescence will also be examined.