HQ2008 - Proceedings


There will be no conference proceedings for Hot Quarks 2008 in the traditional sense. Instead, a special issue of the The European Physical Journal C provides an opportunity to have original material presented at Hot Quarks refereed and published quickly. Accordingly, authors interested in making a contribution will be requested to submit their full paper by the time of the conference on their own initiative. The time slot for submissions has been fixed from August 1st until Sept. 30th. Articles submitted must be strictly journal length and quality and each will be refereed like any regular paper of its kind submitted to EPJC.

The latex macro style package can be down loaded from here . More detailed author instructions are here . Your articles should be submitted directly to Springer via this link. Further general information about writing manuscripts for the European Physical Journal C are contained in this link

Papers can be submitted after the time slot has been closed but inclusion in the special issue cannot be guaranteed and such articles will - if accepted for publication - be published in later issues as individual papers.

Each participant will obtain one issue for free. All articles will be available on the web through the journal web pages.


  • The deadline for submitting your proceedings is Sept. 30th. NOTE THIS IS ONLY A FEW WEEKS AFTER THE CONFERENCE FINISHES. We strongly recommend that you write your proceedings as you write your talk.

Last Update:Friday, February 22, 2008